Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter

Keen travelers often face a risk to get infected while drinking water even from a seemingly clear source, let alone contaminated ones. But not everybody knows that every mountain stream is a habitat for various species of bacteria and protozoa. That is why water from there can be contagious for a human. The solution exists: Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter removes almost all microorganisms living in reservoirs and it is one of  the best survival water filters on the market.



Top 10 Most Useful Fitness Accessories

Did you know that your heart rate during the run should be about 133-157 BPM or 70-80 percent of the maximum? It is with this value the muscular development starts. Also, an athlete should drink 200-300 ml of a liquid every 10-20 minutes to maintain the water balance in the body. By the way, you will take in hand the matter completely with the special bottle and the heart rate monitor. All of these 10 fitness accessories are created for simplifying the sports activities and making your training with portable gym equipment more efficient.



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