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OfficeGymGerman company has developed a device called OfficeGym, which will allow the office workers to engage in fitness at work without getting up from the chair and not bending in to the pain in the back in the sight of many colleagues. The design of a simulator for training exercises for the office is quite simple and is attached to the back of the office chair, giving the opportunity to do gymnastics right in the office without getting up from the chair.      

OfficeGymThe creation of the OfficeGym demanded a great amount of work from the developers, which, in particular, included a number of consultations with the experts in the field of physical therapy, surgery and sports. Simulator is designed to fill the office fitness exercises for both men and women of almost any age and work as a portable gym equipment. The simulator can be mounted in two positions - the handle up and down, to allow the office workers to exercises different muscle groups. You should also not worry that it may not be fit for your armchair. Designers and developers worked hard on this problem, and made the mounting construction very flexible and adjustable, in order for this problem not to occur.

Thanks to this revolutionary in its way device now you can spend more time at the computer in a healthy way. This novelty will be especially perfect for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and who work a lot in front of the computer and fill like their muscles become stiff. As mentioned before, the device is perfect for both women and men, and at the same time to young people. The load you can choose yourself, as maybe you just want to move your muscles for couple of minutes from time to time, or maybe you would like to take your lunch break time for a little more intense work out, not spending too much time to get to the nearest gym, as gym is already here, in your office, right at your working place.

From the comments of the medical specialists who have taken part in the creation of this new work-out office station, it becomes known that you can not only improve your blood circulation, but also correct your posture and raise the moral and psychological spirit. It means that you would work more energetically, enthusiastically and productively, and at the same time will benefit your physical and moral state.

From additional benefits that this portable gym already possesses, you can also name quite an important one, as it is compact. The simulator takes up little space, not only in the box, but also when being mounted on the chair. The second advantage is versatility. Unfortunately the device has a small disadvantage, even the developers did not hide the fact that OfficeGym is not designed for the development of muscles. Simulator’s focus is, rather, healthcare. At the same time OfficeGym allows a lot of different exercises involving the arm muscles, back, chest, neck, shoulders and even legs. The secret lies in the diversity of the different installation of the simulator. OfficeGym cost is 150 Euros, but be sure that all the money spent will be quite justifiable.

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