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Mocoro Robotic Furball

Mocoro Robotic FurballOnly the Japanese can make the dust-cleaning machine into a pretty and cute thing. Thus, we would like to present to you the unique and truly adorable robotic wool ball Mocoro. Mocoro will be rolling from one side of the room to the other, at the same time collecting all the dirt and dust onto its surface.   Its outer fabric coating is made of a microfiber cover that is easily removed for cleaning or washing in the washing machine. For the active usage and effective cleaning Mocoro requires three AA sized batteries and thus can operate with them for three hours, every 15 minutes automatically turning on and rolling around your house, leaving no chance of dirt and dust.      



Forecast Umbrella

Forecast UmbrellaDesign team from Chicago has developed the concept of the original umbrella called Forecast. The name is not accidental, because of its feature this unusual umbrella eliminates the need of the owner to find out the weather forecast before you leave your home. The main secret is covered by the handle. Umbrella Forecast handle from time to time gets into connection with the Internet, using Wi-Fi technology, and, depending on the results, changes of light intensity and color. 



Portable Carport Kits Are Fast And Cheap Solution To Keep Your Car Safe

Portable Carport KitsWith the help of portable carport kits you can now solve all of your massive outside storage needs and also the garage placing requirements. It’s already a long time ago when the days of hiring some expensive contractors been popular. Today, you can have your own steel or other material carports or special garage kit to park your car, or store the tools or even use it to house some smaller livestock. These great portable kits are installed within just few hours!


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