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Urchin Bluetooth Speaker

Urchin Bluetooth SpeakerThe world is full of billions of cheap portable Bluetooth-speakers. In order to somehow stand out the company Boom Movement released a little strange-looking speakers called Urchin, let’s see what is so different about those speakers and why they are called the leaders in this market and deserve the greatest attention if you decided to buy portable speakers that will provide you with nice sound anywhere and at any time.



Serendipity Communication Device

Serendipity Communication DeviceAt first glance itis difficult to guess what this great portable and very attractive in its appearance device is actually made for. The device is named very intriguingly Serendipity. If you are not familiar with this word, it actually means the fortunate but at the same time accidental meeting with someone. Therefore from this sense you can already guess what is the purpose of this device, it is used for communication, and in more particular details – for communication in social networks.



Portable USB Digital Microscope MAN1011

Portable USB Digital Microscope MAN1011It is known that microscope is an instrument designed to produce magnified images of objects or parts of materials, invisible to the naked eye. The work of the microscope is known to almost everyone of us, because we all went to the biology lessons in school, where we could examine some interesting objects with the microscope.The technological development has enhanced and this piece of biological equipment, presenting a portable version.  


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