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Portable Toaster

Portable ToasterKorean engineer Kim Bin has recently presented his new very unusual and at the same time quite nice and appealing invention of the portable device. He invented the pocket toaster, which is capable of quickly frying bread anywhere and at any conditions instead of common models. From the basic sense the device is like a real toaster, thus has one main function – to toast the bread, but its portability can present a great value to majority of the busy people nowadays (it's will be good to use cars and coffee machines with this toaster). 



Portable Iron

Portable IronOften, going on vacation or on a business trip or tour, we pack our bags with a lot of shirts, pants and other easily shrinkable things without thinking about how all this will look like in the end, at the conference of anywhere else where you need to look fresh, neat and classy. As even the shirt from the famous designer will look very unattractive, if not ironed. Therefore we would like to present to your attention an interesting model of the portable iron-transformer, which was created for people who are often on the way.  



Portable 3-D Scanner Photon

Portable 3-D Scanner PhotonAmong the exhibits of the latest high-tech exhibitions one new device became increasingly popular, and it is the 3d-printers for personal purposes. However, for full use of the professional features of this scanner it is needed to have the knowledge of the packages of 3d-graphics, or the basics of computer graphics. But if you are the designer, or model creator or anybody else, who works with the projects in 3D, then such a mundane task as getting a 3D copy of an object for a simple user will be impossible without the 3d-scanner.


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