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Nomand Portable Green Coffee-Machine

Nomand Portable Green Coffee-MachineIn our modern world hundred thousands of peoplecannot live without a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. If you are also a part of this group and to normally function in the morning and during the day you need an aromatic and hot beverage with caffeine, then the invention by UniTerra named Nomad will for sure make your life easier. Nomad is a portable coffee machine with the size dimensions of 15 * 15 * 15 cm and a weight of mere 1.1 kg, which does not require electricity to operate. In such a way these features make this coffee-machine the most portable and easy to use device offered on the market. We have heard before about the small electrical coffee-machines, about car-coffee-machines, but now let’s learn more about the totally power-source free coffee-machine Nomad.  



Microwave for the Car

Microwave for the CarMicrowave is a device of the consumer electronics that makes our lives easier every day. But this applies to domestic life. But what about the people who have to travel for a long time (truck drivers, tourists or maybe a business person who has quite a number of trips during the week)? After being for a while away from home, everybody wants to plunge into the comfort and coziness of your household. Therefore a small and pretty useful portable device that is in fact a microwave oven especially designed for the car is a great solution to at least a number of some of your problems and needs ( look also handpresso car cofee machine).



Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine

> Hand Powered Portable Washing MachineUnique washing machine was recently presented on the public display under the title Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine (it's like handpresso). Many of you have already realized the main characteristics of this new portable device, as the name speaks for itself pretty clearly. If you are interested in issues related to energy savings, and your husband wants to pump up his biceps, then this new portable device will be just perfect.


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