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LG Pocket Photo PD223

LG Pocket Photo PD223Not so long ago the open market had another novelty released, the name of the new portable printer is LG Pocket Photo PD223. At first the product was supposed to be tailored just for Japanese and other Asian countries market, but after the thorough market research, the creators realized that the new portable device is also interesting for European and other foreign markets. The LG Pocket Photo PD223 portable printer is a very nicely looking device that may be useful for all the lovers of photography, offering quick and quite functional solution for the printing of the photos. 




 LernstiftOnce people will abandon paper in favor of incredible technology, perhaps we will be able to transmit information directly into the brain of the other person, but till now we are still using the simple gadgets that are already pretty standard for writing texts. However, not so long ago, the market heard about a unique and useful product - Lernstift. This pen will save you from writing a text with errors, or at least will try. The Lernstift is a new hi-tech device that looks like a simple pen and is actually a pen, but at the same time it analyzes the written text and tells the writer with a simple vibration regarding the errors that occurred while writing. The main segment of the market, which was originally targeted by the designer company, was of course, as you can realize, children, but after some tests and further marketing research analysis, it was also revealed that adults do not mind having such a gadget in their bags.  



I Sight Twin LED

I Sight Twin LEDThe American company RadTech has developed a flashlight I Sight Twin LED, which is worn on the ear, and can shed light to the areas that is only what is in front of the eyes of the owner, and leaves both hands free. The I Sight Twin LED is a lightweight device with LED lights, the life of which is one hundred thousand hours, and which also allows you to use both white and green light.  


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