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Handy Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Mobile WiFi HotspotMajority of modern cell-phones come with a special technology feature known as mobile WiFi hotspot. In more simple terms WiFi hotspot can enable you to share high-speed Internet connection between you and other WiFi enabled devices. In order for you to understand this hi-tech nature of the question you can simply imagine like your phone was converted into a special portable WiFi router and is now sharing Internet-connection between other WiFi devices.



Small 3G Mobile Hotspot Capable

3G mobile hotspot capableIf you were thinking whether you could create a free WiFi with your #G phone, think no longer, if it has a special feature of being 3G mobile hotspot capable, then you can provide yourself and your friends with the Internet network. With such a feature you will be able to create an Internet network which can incorporate other WiFi devices. Usually the number is limited to 5, however some exclusions are possible. In such a way you will be able to connect your laptop, your friends’ phone and his/her laptop for different usages.


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